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Mt Noorat Freighters
Mount Noorat Freighters takes safety seriously.
To ensure the utmost safety we have invested heavily in the latest in truck fatigue and load management systems
Our in-cab and compliance technology has given Mt Noorat Freighters streamlined processes. By substantially reducing and automating large amounts of back-end administration work required of its drivers and office staff, Mt Noorat Freighters now has more control over its data and is able to easily provide assurance of compliance to regulatory and safety bodies.

* Punctual hassle free delivery;
* Assist the driver to be on time every time;
* A single in-cab device provides drivers with one central point to submit pre-trip checklists, on board mass deceleration and fatigue information electronically;
* In-cab driver assistance with speed management;
* Real-time alerts and notifications for back-office administrative staff;
* Audio and visual aids for drivers as events occur;
* Reduction in driver speed and fatigue violations;
* A positive shift in drivers’ perception of in-cab technology;
* Reduction in paperwork and loss of information; and,
* Reports available on-demand in real-time.
Combine this with Driver education and a customer oriented management team we can ensure confident and competent drivers and staff resulting in a safe and friendly environment.